Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr Howard says toMAYto; Mackie100 says toMAHto

To me, they are saying the same thing.


i) A resolve or determination (as in to do something)

ii) The act of resolving or determining upon an action or a course of action

iii) A reduction to a simpler form; conversion

iv) Medical-the reduction or disappearance of a swelling or inflammation without suppuration

v) Music-the progression of a voice part or harmony as a whole form from dissonance to consonance.

Mr Howard suggests using the mindfulness pruning tools of reciprocation, intention and boundaries to achieve premeditated acts of reduction that will achieve the resolution outcomes that Mackie100 welcomes.

As Mackie100 eloquently describes the desired outcomes of pruning: improve the plant’s health (necessary to sustain the momentum of continuing the journey in whatever direction or beyond whatever obstacle), increase its production (expansion) and enhance its shape (moving beyond or in new directions), he is simultaneously describing his desired outcomes of resolutions.

So, to me, we are singing from the same page; which is where the music reference, in the aforementioned meaning, comes into play. And where the paradox of the faith journey enters: hopefully moving forward on a path that we have no idea where it is taking us. Through the years, whether we are using the plant or the drop analogy, we can only hope to move from dissonance to consonance. Whether premeditated or spontaneous, our action or reaction is best from a position of mindful awareness.

Nicola Adair

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mackie100 said...

Hopefully my ‘po-TAY-to’ is a bit different than your ‘po-TAH-to’.

First of all, let me say that over the past few years I have come to realize similarities between some of the interests of your distinguished co-scribe Mr. DH and this respondent. However I am a Canon he is a Nikon. I have a preference for Macallan. He has a liking for Ardbeg. His pruning exercise is just a ‘drop in the bucket’ for me. The reason for my response to your last blog was not so much for what we have in common but a celebration of the dissonance of our approach. As you are totally aware it is the dissonance, the scrunch, in music that is so celebrated but always resolved by the end of the movement. Here is to ‘mindful awareness’ and the joy of 'spontaneous creativity', both the power of God working through us.

Keep up the great work on the blog. It helps keep my mind going.